Saturday, September 11, 2010

my father "my everything"

hi dad, i know you can't read this.. i just wanna tell you something, i know we talk alot.. like we talk about everything, bout stuffs, God, school, assignments you even ask me about boys stuffs, but one thing we never talked bout you being a father, being so called dad, since this is your day "YOUR BIRTHDAY" i'l make a note for the most important man in my life, DAD your not just a doctor nor a church preacher.. who i am today its all because of you and mom, you raised me well with God's love, your love is unfailling, your my head lifter, i know your so strict your way to decipline me, thank you for being my doctor, my bestfriend, my mentor, my driver, sometimes my teacher you even do my assigment, my everything, And i thank god for using you to become a great father, a great church preacher who's someday i can look up to.. Dad, i know i dont always say this to you.. but in my heart your always be the the first on my list.. I LOVE YOU DADDY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Friday, September 10, 2010

my story behind paramore "THE ONLY EXCEPTION"

my self review of PARAMORE single "THE ONLY EXCEPTION" ever since GLEE SPOILER comes that finchel a.k.a "FINN and RACHEL" of GLEE doing cover of this song in one of the upcoming episodes of GLEE SEASON 2 i cant help but wondering if finchel will give justice to this song or it might turn out to be not good as PARAMORE but i do trust of the talent of LEA MICHELE and CORY MONTIETH.. and i know its going to be awesome like the original

The 3rd single from the NO. 1 album "BRAND NEW EYES" "THE ONLY EXCEPTION" bring about a completely different feel to the bands previous two single taken from the album... Where the "IGNORANCE" and "BRING BY BORING BRICK" take a more rocky approach "THE ONLY EXCEPTION" is a deeply personal acoustic ballad with beautiful vocal from PARAMORE lead singer "HAYLEY WILLIAMS" The ballad gives an unapologetic glimpse into the inner working of what was happening in my head the song touches on how her parents relationship has influenced the way she deal with and think about love

"THE ONLY EXCEPTION" is a song of hope "ON THE VIDEO" at the beginning hayley's sworn off love and doesn't believe it exist! DAMN! those parental break-ups haha... But the frequent refrain is to the lover in the video that he's the exception to that rule.. The video features HAYLEY's walking to the various scenes her life including the clever speed dating where she dates all scenes from the video is rejected her and the letter on the bed hayley lies on she write "sorry" means she wouldn't believe in something existing..

Honestly is a tough word to live up to the field of moderm popular song, the every act of singing your feeling instead of expressing them in the way your body most naturally would.. Crying, laughing, shouting etc. It's a layer of self-consciousness, a bit like that scene in GLEE when FINN decides that the best way to tell QUINN's parents that they're about to become a grandparent is to sing a song about it, to them, at the dinner table, and yet on the surface, singing is all about expressing raw emotion..

HAYLEY WILLIAMS is getting better at this with every single PARAMORE release and its one of the most honest song sounding so far for me.. Everything about it rings is true from the bit of disillusionment of childhood when you realise your parents are just people too, to the bits about disillusionment of adulthood, when you realise that sometimes bad things happen to good people, And clearest and truest of all, the realization that people who are good for you are few and far between and you need to cherish those people and most of all ensure that they know about it..

Extra praise the arrangement of the video which allow HAYLEY to emote clearly and build up to a nice climatic power ballad ending... Its about as honest as music get, FRANKLY and as much is pretty damn near impossible to find fault with...