Saturday, September 11, 2010

my father "my everything"

hi dad, i know you can't read this.. i just wanna tell you something, i know we talk alot.. like we talk about everything, bout stuffs, God, school, assignments you even ask me about boys stuffs, but one thing we never talked bout you being a father, being so called dad, since this is your day "YOUR BIRTHDAY" i'l make a note for the most important man in my life, DAD your not just a doctor nor a church preacher.. who i am today its all because of you and mom, you raised me well with God's love, your love is unfailling, your my head lifter, i know your so strict your way to decipline me, thank you for being my doctor, my bestfriend, my mentor, my driver, sometimes my teacher you even do my assigment, my everything, And i thank god for using you to become a great father, a great church preacher who's someday i can look up to.. Dad, i know i dont always say this to you.. but in my heart your always be the the first on my list.. I LOVE YOU DADDY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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