Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PARAMORE "the only exception" ON GLEE

Lea Michele redeems herself with her 3rd solo track and the only non-britney track on lastweek episode of glee with "PARAMORE THE ONLY EXCEPTION" Her voice sound fantastic on this rock ballad. She shows vocal vulnebility, which allow the audience to connect emotionaly with the song as well as her character

We've known from day 1 that RACHEL controlling, and after the disastrous ultimatum, trying to get FINN to quit the football team when he just rejoined she tempt him with QUINN whom he very firmly turns down RACHEL is a little incesure obviously when it comes to dating

RACHEL apologize to FINN with PARAMORE "the only exception" and makes us all feel warm and sniffly and not just because LEA MICHELE is a champion singer-crier but because its a PARAMORE song! THE ONLY EXCEPTION its not really an episode of GLEE unless RACHEL deliver a self aggrandizing closing performance, NOW IS IT! admittedly though LEA MICHELE killed it on this one and when FINN took her hand in the hallway GIRLS and GAYS everywhere were jealous lmao!

So it's just a perfect note to end a showny GLEE episode with a really sweet and emotional moment, bringing home the heart of what the show is about with a non-britney song! Even though "THE ONLY EXCEPTION" went along well with RACHEL BERRY character's storyline in the episode, I do think another britney track could have been place to round out the tribute episode.

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