Monday, August 16, 2010

celebrating the love that never failed

im about to witness my parents getting married again.. yap! you hear me they're getting married.. Its their 25th wedding anniversary.. i wonder why they'd survived 25 years without having a major flight.. i guess thats true love means God is so good for blessing with a family like this.. alot of people today came from a broken family.. And im so blessed bcoz i have a complete family.. truly family that in God hands always stay together.. My family is not perfect we do have some family problems emotionally, physically, even in financial, i looked up my parent as my role model in a perfect relationship.. the way they raised me and my 2 brothers, the way they'd handle all our problems.. And how they make their relationship last.. yeah! 25yrs of strong marraige, 25yrs and they're still inlove with each other.. I thank God for having them as my parents.. who always take care of me, always their for me.. MOM is like a super woman she always manage her time.. even at work she always call just to ask me if everything ok.. and my DAD is my SUPERHERO always there for my paper work, assignment.. Reports and everything.. simply they are the most caring people ive known.. i always have a huge respect for my parents no words can explain how much i love them, how much i treasure them.. I LOVE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD

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