Monday, August 16, 2010

I'M A GLEEK (a gleek thing)

I'm a GLEEK if you dont know what that means, you've never tuned into the tv show GLEE... Every tuesday i wrestle the remote away from my brother to watch an hour of GLEE...I'm a GLEEK for so many reason, Is it because of its musically and its choice of song to record? Is it because of its actors that perfectly fit their roles? Is it because of its high school themes and choices of plots? NO! IT'S EVERYTHING... GLEE is all about expressing yourself, staying true to yourself and be able to love it GLEE also has excellent talented star who portray their character in a way you couldn't even think of anything better they also have awesome singing talents... Some of their song renditions have been well recieved by public SOMEBODY TO LOVE is an awesome queen cover that shows MERCEDES ability to reach that high note and knowing how difficult that song is, DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE shows the awesomeness within RACHEL that would just remove you hatred towar her ambitious attitude, DEFYING GRAVITY shows KURT's high pitched tone, SWEET CAROLINE shows the swoony PUCK that would have you head over heels over him, JESSIE's GIRL shows FINN inner rockstar, TRUE COLORS shows the tenderness of TINA's voice, DANCING WITH MYSELF is a punked rock song turned acoustic hit by ARTIE, I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER shows off QUINN's retro voice, something 80's like... There are more songs that are truly be in awe of GLEE's rendition... What also love about GLEE is that the member of this club have some sort of unique bond within them, the character thrilled the show is highlighting family building option.... There's difinitely alot more inside GLEE searching for love that can never be, deception for our selfishness, hoping for acceptance and choosing the right decision in life...What we see in GLEE may perhaps be a reflection of what we are facing in our everyday lives.....I'M A GLEEK AND IM PROUD OF IT..!

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