Sunday, August 29, 2010

"peace in summer"

I cant find a better title for my essay/blog.. this is how i spent my summer vacation! we all know summer is gone and we already start school, and fall is coming.. Summer is my favorite season i enjoy my summer every year.. coz i get to spend most of my time with my family, i dont have to waste my time doing my homeworks, paper works, etc. But what i really enjoyed this summer is...

First seeing my CHURCH MINISTRY friends almost everyday able to shared them what happened in our days having a simple thought about word of GOD! able to shared some words of encouragement.. its a nice feeling coz we only do this every summer... "put God on top of everything and he will guide you all the way"

Second my dad and i went to NYC omg! NEW YORK CITY is such a nice place we went to some restaurant and the foods are awesome.. Central park is so amazing you cant never go wrong with NYC its so stunning people are so busy and we saw some nice views everywhere, im inlove with the beauty of NEW YORK i will definitely come back there...

Third the social networking TWITTER yeah! If you guys dont know im a twitter addict i spend most of my hours using twitter.. i spend half of day using my phone, using my laptop just to tweet and tweet.. Its a therapy for me whenever i talk to my twitter buddies its a sort of relief.. Im having so much fun talking to them.. in twitter i find peace, i can able to express whats on my mind.. and everytime my favorite people tweet il freak out haha.. and sometimes i get a replied from them.. i know it might sound weird but this people create a huge impact in my life.. i dont know them personally i only saw those artist in their icon like LEA MICHELE, PARAMORE, GLEE, CORY MONTIETH, HAYLEY WILLIAMS etc. but i know behind those profile photos this people are amazing.. this people are beautiful inside and out and their love about their favorites and how they expresses it in a simple tweets sometimes really hit me, i really feel their love towards their idols.. Were became friends we shared thing about our idols how amazing they are and how we love them..

Sometimes we even shared some of our problems at home, love and family.. I love the fact that this people can shared their problems to the people they dont even know.. we build trust and respect with each other simply bcoz we have something in common we have same taste when it comes to our favorites...

There some people in twitter i truly admired! they're like my besties in twitter world i learned alot from them 1. Mia @MiaIsAStar my dear big sister she's one of the most awesome person in twitter she never afraid to tweets whats on her mind, whether it is good or bad.. I feel like i found a sister, sister that i cant never have.. we have different views when it comes to belief coz shes a buddism but religion is never a matter in our friendship i love her dearly and no one can ever change that.. when the time im upset with my bro. coz hes getting married mia is the only one who listen to me, who give me advice, who understand me.. Shes never failed to make me smile.. i know glee will end, or maybe one day we leave twitter.. but 1 thing for sure our friendship will forever treasured..

My summer it wasn't fun as you are.. no beach, no mounting climbing no anything! I dont have to go somewhere to enjoyed my summer coz the simple things like CHURCH activities and TWITTER makes my summer memorable i learned alot of things that money cant buy and i will remember it for the rest of life..

(I actually cut it coz its too long, its my assingment in english essay)

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